Monday, August 20, 2007

Power outage hits Santa Barbara


More than 4,600 homes and businesses from the Mesa through sections of downtown Santa Barbara and into the Riviera lost power this morning, Southern California Edison officials said.
As of 3:15 p.m., workers were still trying to narrow down the cause, and only around 70 people did not have electricity. Edison officials said the outage lasted from a few seconds to a few minutes for most of the affected area.

Crews have narrowed the problem area to near Anacapa and Victoria streets, authorities said.
Edison officials said the outage has nothing to do with the Zaca Fire, and all customers should have power by this afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Considering there are over 50 people in my office, and our power continued to be out until at least 4:30 (when we shut the office down early), it seems SCE got their facts wrong about the number impacted - unless of course only my office on Victoria was the only location still without power after 3:15.

Anonymous said...

This negatively affected the Courts. Without a generator, the Courthouse and Figueroa Courthouse were without power for an hour and a half. Why does downtown SB have so many outages? Is it becuase we are at the fringe of So Cal Edison's territory (North Co is PG&E)? Between these outages and underground vaults blowing up, it makes you wonder.

Anonymous said...

Why so many outages? Just look up in the sky. The question is: In such a beautiful city, why are all of our power lines overhead?