Sunday, November 18, 2007

The (official) results are in


Santa Barbara city leaders will announce the final official numbers from the recent municipal election at the City Council meeting tomorrow.
Results for the three Council seats up for grabs have not changed, with incumbents Das Williams and Helene Schneider snapping up the top two spots and newcomer Dale Francisco sealing a third place finish.

Voter turnout figures are significantly higher than preliminarily reported on Election Day, with 37.1 percent rather than 32.6 percent. The discrepancy resulted from about 1,800 provisional and absentee ballots handed in on November 6.
Those ballots also pulled incumbent Brian Barnwell into fourth place, 38 votes higher than challenger Michelle Giddens, rather than the other way around as shown in semi-official results on Election Day.
More than half of the voters, 51.4 percent, picked Williams as one of their three choices for City Council. Schneider garnered support from 46 percent of voters and Francisco received votes from 43.1 percent.
About twice as many voters chose to cast an absentee ballot rather than heading to the polls. The city logged 10,890 absentee ballots and just 5,474 ballots from polling places.
Results for Measure A, the only other item on the ballot, remained about the same, with 55.7 percent voting against the initiative that would have switched municipal elections to even years.
A manual tally of ballots from one precinct showed no discrepancies between the machine-counted and hand-counted tallies.

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