Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Homeless man found dead on State Street


A 54-year-old homeless man was found dead on a bench yesterday morning in the 600 block of State Street.
Lt. Dave Whitham, a Santa Barbara Police spokesman, said the man, who was well known to local authorities, was discovered slumped over on the bench just before 10 a.m. by a passer-by. The passer-by told police the man was cold to the touch.

Whitham said the man’s name is being withheld until his relatives can be notified.
He said the man has lived in Santa Barbara for years and has had numerous brushes with the law, mostly for alcohol related offenses.
Whitham said the circumstances surrounding the man’s death don’t appear to be suspicious. He said no alcohol was found on or around the man, but a Styrofoam container filled with food was.

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