Thursday, March 20, 2008

Miller-McCune magazine launched


Local philanthropist and businesswoman Sara Miller McCune announced yesterday the launch of Miller-McCune, a national magazine and Web site that will focus on “providing well-researched solutions to society’s most serious problems,” a statement from the nonprofit said.
“Miller-McCune will focus on significant research and researchers, explaining what they offer in practical options for dealing with pressing social problems, here in the U.S. and around the world,” said McCune, who is also the chairman of SAGE Publications. “Our goal is to acknowledge the issues and promote discussion of viable solutions, leaving purely political rhetoric, sound bites, and private interests behind.”

According to the statement, Miller-McCune will begin with a circulation of 100,000. It will include material from leaders in the fields of government, academia, business, philanthropy and journalism
Editor-in-Chief John Mecklin, former editor of High Country News, a magazine that covers the politics and environment of the American West, heads the magazine’s editorial team. Michael Todd, former business editor of the Santa Barbara News-Press, will be the magazine’s online editor.
The debut issue includes articles by Princeton University researcher Douglas Massey; former Congressman Mickey Edwards; Marty Lobel, a Washington D.C. tax attorney and media watchdog and James Fallows, an Atlantic Monthly correspondent who interviews Mecklin in the magazine’s first issue.
“In an age of fact-free spin, blowhard punditry and abject truthiness, I honestly think there is a huge potential audience for well-researched solutions provided in an engaging way that doesn’t descend into happy-talk or ‘good news,’” Mecklin is quoted as saying in the debut issue.
Miller-McCune is published by the Miller-McCune Center for Research, Media and Public Policy, a nonprofit public benefit foundation that employs seven full-time staff members, the statement said.
“Information permeates all interests and areas of our lives,” McCune said. “It is vital to our existence that knowledge is shared, questioned, and effectively utilized to create genuine communities — locally, nationally, and internationally.”
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Dawn said...

Congratulations on a very valuable and needed contribution to the conservation challenges we face as a global society! Practical and well researched solutions from the peer reviewed academic literature provide the basis for much of the work of SeaWeb. We applaud your work to help spread the word. Cheers, Dawn