Monday, April 7, 2008

Investigators look into illegal dumping


County firefighters and law enforcement officials are investigating the illegal dumping of hazardous materials that shut down a Goleta road for at least six hours on Sunday.
County Fire Capt. Vince Agapito said fire crews received a report of illegally dumped containers along Farren Road near Calle Real at approximately 9:10 a.m. Hazardous materials units discovered two 55-gallon drums and multiple smaller containers.

The larger drums, one of which had split open and spilled approximately 35 to 45 gallons, contained formaldehyde aniline, a liquid apparently used in herbicides and fungicides that Capt. Agapito described as “relatively dangerous.”
At two other locations along the road, crews found smaller containers with motor oil and transmission fluid. Farren Road remained closed to traffic for six hours as the hazmat teams conducted their investigation and crews were planning to close it again as they began cleanup operations at 6 p.m.
Sheriff’s officials questioned potential witnesses to the illegal dumping, Capt. Agapito said, and are continuing their investigation.

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