Friday, April 4, 2008

Rite-Aid stripped of liquor license


The California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control stripped the liquor license belonging to Rite-Aid Pharmacy at 1012 Casitas Pass Rd. in Carpinteria after employees sold alcohol to minors three times between 2005 and 2007.
All three sales occurred during minor decoy operations conducted by the ABC and the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department, a statement from the ABC said.
According to a shift supervisor at Rite-Aid, the store stopped carrying alcoholic beverages last Monday. The supervisor said it’s the store’s own fault the liquor license was taken and the establishment will likely lose a lot of business as a result.

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David Esparza Jr said...

The Rite-Aid will lose a lot of business as a result?

Since when does a Rite-Aid derive much of its business from liquor sales?

And selling to minors repeatedly.-- that's just one part of the larger problem.

I wrote to the Santa Barbara City Council that this type of thing was a problem in the City. They seemed apathetic at worst, frustrated and helpless at best.

I had my commentary on this problem posted on Blogabarbara, but few commented.

There are too many outlets for liquor sales, too many places like this open until midnight and later selling alcohol, too much alcohol unsecured in the stores, too many clerks selling to minors, and the majority of these stores are located within Latino neighborhoods.

This is one anectdote. The problem is larger and has more of an impact than people realize-- perhaps more than the City Council, at least.