Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fiesta Executive Director resigns


After nearly three years at the helm of what is arguably the largest annual celebration in Santa Barbara, Sarah O’Connell has resigned as executive director of Old Spanish Days.

A statement from the organization wished O’Connell well in her career path but did not give a reason for her decision to resign.
“Sarah was the foundation and the go-to person for many of us, and [her resignation] is a loss to the organization,” Tim Taylor, El Presidente of Fiesta 2008, said in the statement.
An Old Spanish Days spokesperson said it doesn’t appear O’Connell had a personal reason for resigning other than to give herself time to focus on other pursuits. Attempts to contact O’Connell yesterday evening were not successful.
“She brought tremendous dedication and energy to the organization and will be missed by the board, staff and others in the community who worked with her over the past two-plus years,” according to the statement.
Her resignation is effective June 6.


Warren Pasquez said...

I have attended numerous weddings and gatherings organized by Sarah OConnell. The last one not only knocked my socks off (but my entire suit as well!!).

We honor Ms. O'connell. She will be missed as an assett to our great organization. I hope her knew life in Holland with her new husband is filled with the same fun and merriment she brought everyday to us here in the Carriage Museum. Her friday afternoon piano recitals were the highlight of my, and the entire staffs, week, I'm sure.

With Love,


Anonymous said...

I was shocked to hear the news that the Sprit of Fiesta, Sarah O’Connell has stepped down from her perch high on top of the carriage museum. I always thought that every August along with warm weather Santa Barbara could count on good guacamole, rivers of pee and confetti and the always menacing smile of one Sarah O’Connell. I am fully confident with Gregor by her side Mrs. O’Connell will bring her gift of bossing the masses to the fine people of Holland. Any time Santa Barbara is feeling empty during Fiesta we can always remember Sarah’s favorite ditty, ““Ay, Ay, Ay, Canta Y No Llores. Ay, Ay, Ay, Sing Don’t Cry Sweet Sarah.

Katherine Wertheim said...

Wow, it's tough to lose an executive director two months before the main event.