Friday, June 6, 2008

Skateboarder hit by car, suffers minor injuries


A 13-year-old boy suffered minor injuries Thursday after being struck by a vehicle while riding his skateboard through the intersection of Garden and Canon Perdido streets.
The driver, who asked not to be identified, was traveling northbound on Garden Street when she said the skateboard cut through the intersection going east on Canon Perdido Street and ended up directly in front of her car.

“He was moving fast,” the driver said. “I couldn’t have helped it and that’s the truth. It’s just awful. I thank God he’s OK.”
The driver said she stopped at the intersection, looked both ways and began to roll through. The collision occurred in line with the sidewalk on the north side of Canon Perdido at 6 p.m. The driver said she did not see the skateboarder until it was too late.
The boy was calm and appeared to be OK as he sat next to his broken skateboard while paramedics attempted to reach his parents.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the accident but I am surprised there are not more! These kids (and young adults) should be ticketed for not obeying street signs.

Anonymous said...

Notice to skateboarders and bicylists on sidewalks;
You DO NOT have the right of way. You are in violation of various vehicle codes as well as municipal codes. There isn't a court in the world that would convict me for running you down when you do the stupid things you do.
Parents of these delinquents should be aware. Not only will I not be convicted, but YOU are liable for damages caused by your children.

Sisler Family said...

There is no violation of any vehicle code or municipal code for a skateboarder to ride on the sidewalk at that location. Check the law before you squawk.

But i agree with you that you would never be convicted of anything if someone clearly cuts out in front of you (if you were drunk, that would be a whole other case though) and yes the parents of those kids would be liable for ALL the damages that they cause.

Gangs, graffiti, and shoplifting is delinquency....not riding bikes or skateboarding (which so happens to be two of the nations most popular activities in the last two years, ahead of soccer and baseball)