Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Man OK after falling from cliff onto Hendry's Beach


A 20-year-old man suffered minor injuries after falling more than 30 feet from a cliff onto the sand at Hendry’s Beach yesterday morning.
Santa Barbara Police Lt. Ralph Molina said a woman walking her dog discovered the man curled in the fetal position with dried blood on his face just before 7 a.m.
“It looked worse than it turned out,” Molina said. “Miraculously he had very minor injuries.”

Molina said the man was a tourist and had been traveling with a woman. The two were searching for a place to camp through the night as far north as Jalama Beach and eventually found their way to the Douglas Family Preserve, which overlooks Hendry’s Beach.
The woman told police she last saw her friend when he wandered away at 4 a.m. Molina said the woman went scuba diving and happened upon emergency crews after the man was found.
Molina said the man was intoxicated. He did not know where the couple was from.

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Anonymous said...

Not all of this story is correct. The man who fell is currently a local resident attending SBCC. There were several young adults on the cliff together planning on surfing early in the morning. One male went missing around 4am and was later found by a walker and her dog just before 7am. He fell about 200 feet landing in somewhat soft sad. Currently he is in a local rehab. center, but is soon to be released. I would not say he suffered minor injuries, rather his youth played a key role in his quick recovery from a cracked scull and brain bleeding.