Thursday, July 3, 2008

Stow House cancels 4th of July festivities

The 34th Annual Old Fashioned 4th of July Celebration at Rancho La Patera & Stow House has been CANCELED due to the Goleta Gap Fire, it was announced today.

The 34th annual festival is Goleta Valley Historical Society's largest fundraiser, with expected crowds of 2000-plus people. The celebration features live music, hayrides, games, and more. Cancellation of the event will negatively impact the budget of the Goleta Valley Historical Society, the caterer to provide the barbecue, and the bands hired to perform at the event — Hot Lava, Ulysses S Jazz, and the Twangin’ Iguanas. Numerous volunteers and vendors will also be affected by the event cancellation.
“A decision was made this morning after conditions did not improve," said Dacia Harwood, event organizer. "The safety of the volunteers and supporters is our top priority. Precautions are being taken by the city of Goleta and the Goleta Valley Historical Society to protect the historic Stow House and ranch."
Pacific Harvest Catering, the caterer for the Old Fashioned 4th, spent more than $2,000 on food and supplies preparing for the event.
“We just want to help out where we can ” said Dawn White, co-owner of Pacific Harvest who is inquiring about helping to feed the firefighters.
The Stow House museum is also closed for the weekend tours.
For more information, please contact Dacia Harwood at 681-7216 or 637-6783.

The 12th annual Goleta Fireworks Festival at Girsh Park has been CANCELED as well, Goleta Mayor Michael Bennett announced. It was scheduled to take place from 4 - 9:30 p.m. tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Why not hold the event without the fireworks?

Anonymous said...

The Stowe house event is different from the Girsh park Fireworks show (which I hope is cancelled although not yet reported to be). The Stowe house event is held during the day and is more of a picnic.

Anonymous said...

The Semana Nautica Fourth of July 15k has been (wisely) postponed (but not cancelled) as well.