Monday, July 28, 2008

Break-in reported at downtown Macy's


Police officers cordoned off the Macy’s department store in downtown Santa Barbara on Monday morning after security officers found evidence of a break-in, authorities said.
At 6 a.m., Paseo Nuevo security personnel discovered a door that appeared to have been forced open, said Sgt. Lorenzo Duarte of the Santa Barbara Police Department.

A surveillance video confirmed three individuals had apparently broken into the store, located at the corner of Ortega and State streets, he said. Police called in additional resources to surround and canvass the building to ensure the suspects were not inside.
“Once they were in there, it was pretty evident that someone had broken in,” Sgt. Duarte said.
No suspects were found inside and employees were eventually allowed to enter the store, he said. The loss, if any, is unknown, Sgt. Duarte added, as store personnel had yet to conduct an inventory.
He said the large police presence at the location, including some officers armed with rifles, was due to the size of the store.
“Big buildings require more police officers,” he said.
And while it can be frightening to the general public to see police officers carrying large firearms, Sgt. Duarte said many of those officers are members of the SWAT team who were on regular duty and had their heavy equipment with them as required.

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