Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Greka employees back at work


Greka Energy workers can return to the job at the company’s UCAL facility on Dominion Road after county officials conditionally rescinded a stop-work order for the site.
Greka employees are allowed to begin pumping oil as long as county fire officials and oil inspectors are notified in advanced, authorities said.

County staff must also be allowed to observe the start-up operations of the facility.
County spokesman William Boyer said the operating permit includes a condition that Greka install and test a permanent fire protection system that is approved by county fire officials within 180 days.
Failing to comply with the requirement could result in the facility being immediately shut down, he added.
Fire officials issued the stop-work order in February after inspectors found wastewater breaching containment basins coupled with outstanding violations from previous inspections the month prior.
“Greka had to correct more than 140 violations at this facility since the stop-work order was issued in February,” Boyer said in a news release. “Fire and petroleum staff reported last week that Greka had complied in correcting all of the health and safety violations.”

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