Friday, August 1, 2008

Police apprehend marijuana burglary suspects


Acting on a tip from a witness who reportedly saw men carrying bags of marijuana into an apartment, Santa Barbara police busted two residents earlier this week after finding them in possession of large quantities of the illicit drug.

Authorities said the men, identified as 45-year-old Ronald Davis and 39-year-old Timothy Stratton, allegedly pilfered the pot from an apartment in the 2300 block of State Street — where another resident apparently had been growing the marijuana for medicinal use — and took it to Davis’ apartment in the same complex.
“The guy was out of town or gone for a while or something and the other guy took the opportunity to take his neighbor’s medicinal marijuana,” said Det. John Dutcher of the Santa Barbara Police Department.
He said the legitimacy of the marijuana grow is still being investigated, but confirmed that no arrests have been made involving that aspect of the case.
The incident unfolded early Monday morning, when police received a call from a concerned citizen and headed to the apartment complex to investigate.
Upon arrival, officers approached the residence in question and noticed the door appeared slightly ajar, according to police reports. After edging up to the doorway, police could hear men talking inside and noted an overwhelming scent of marijuana emanating from the apartment.
The two men inside allegedly discussed how much they could sell the marijuana for and how they could split up the drugs for sale as authorities listened in, according to reports.
When officers knocked on the door and announced themselves as police, the room went completely silent, Det. Dutcher said. As soon as they heard movement from the room, the officers entered to prevent the suspects from hiding, grabbing weapons or destroying evidence.
Inside, they found Davis and Stratton allegedly standing among several large bags containing marijuana plants. Det. Dutcher said the entire grow, including 117 harvested plants and 117 plants that were still growing, had been stolen from the nearby apartment.
“I would say on the street it would be worth $5,000 to $6,000,” he said.
Both men admitted to taking the marijuana from the apartment, according to police reports, and allegedly said they planned to pull leaves off the plants to smoke and sell.
Authorities booked Davis, who apparently rents an apartment at the complex, in lieu of $50,000 bail for possession of marijuana for sale and burglary. Officers took Stratton into custody for possession of marijuana for sale, also on $50,000 bail.

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There is alot of that, people usually don't call the cops. although in Isla Vista and throughout the city Medicinal Mariguana is grown and stolen.