Tuesday, August 19, 2008

SBA to discontinue Skycap services


Skycap service at the Santa Barbara Airport will be terminated on Sept. 1, a statement from airport officials said.
The statement cited financial concerns as the primary reason for terminating the service, which generally includes curbside check-in.

American Eagle stopped offering skycap service a couple of years ago and now, SkyWest Airlines has announced it plans to discontinue its service, the statement said.
SkyWest, operates United Express and Delta Connection flights at the airport, also announced it planned to discontinue skycap services at 64 other airports. SkyWest flights comprise about half of the daily departures at Santa Barbara Airport.
Adrianson Enterprises operates the skycap services at the airport with six part-time employees. The statement said Mike Adrianson, who has worked at the airport since 1973, owns it.
“It is very disappointing for the Santa Barbara Airport to lose skycap service,” said airport Director Karen Ramsdell. “Mike and his team have provided quality services for many years. They will be greatly missed.”
The airport also announced it would not longer charge for baggage carts, an action that could help customers deal with the loss of skycap.


coloradox said...

It is a sad day... I fly out of our airport (SBA) quite often on business and I can always count on getting out of my truck and dropping off all of my guitars, cases and luggage with Mike and/or one of his Skycaps while I go park. Always greeted with a BIG hello and a genuine concern for my day, he is the GOOD beginning to a VERY long travel day. His kindness, and exemplary customer service sets our airport apart from ALL the others - and believe me in my line of work - I KNOW all the others. I know this seems silly, but for the $ savings I will now consider taking the train down to Burbank airport. With ticket prices in and out of our airport some of the most expensive tickets in the continental United States - Burbank will become a huge consideration even though it will be a bigger pain in the neck. Mike and his crew was definitely one of the reasons I fly in and out of my home airport - even as expensive as it is it was worth the extra 100-150 bucks.
The Airport saving money by eliminating customer service - and more importantly might I add, the JOBS of one of the nicest and hardest working people in Santa Barbara, seems like a reach. How much money is the airport dumping into this new terminal that they are building even though MANY flights in and out of SBA have been terminated by the airlines? Do we really need to be spending the millions of dollars on expansion when flights (and airline companies i.e. Express Jet) are shrinking? How much money is the airport losing by not fighting to keep the Los Padres National Forest AIR-TAC terminal that now sits vacant? No - let the hardworking and dedicated skycap crew go..... That'll save some money... - what a load.
To Mike and his crew - Thank you. You made the lives of all the folks that have to fly for work a much brighter and more fun thing to do. I am concerned that the Airport just waves and says good-bye without finding other employment for you somewhere in the airport facility. Believe me - we'll be watching. To the Airport manager - Well you can guess what I am thinking. I think your budgetary concerns should start at the top...

coloradox said...

My apologies - it is SKYWEST that is terminating the skycaps - either way - it still sucks.