Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Woman dies after injured in triathalon


A 65-year-old San Diego resident who broke her neck while competing in the Santa Barbara Triathlon last Saturday, died Tuesday night in Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital.
Barbara Warren, who according to the San Diego Union Tribune is one of the most accomplished endurance athletes in that city, sustained the injury after crashing on her bike during the 34-mile bike ride portion of the competition.

The Union Tribune reported that Warren broke her ondontoid bone, which sits atop the spine, and the C2 cervical vertebrae, just below the ondontoid.
The Union Tribune story said Warren’s injuries required her to breathe through a ventilator and she was conscious, communicating with family members by nodding her head and blinking her eyes.
Warren’s twin sister, Angelika, told the Union Tribune that Warren determined she wanted to be taken off the ventilator.
“She still had the courage to communicate and said she didn’t want to go on like that,” Angelika told the Union Tribune. “She would never have liked that. No athlete would like to have a life with only their eyes talking.”

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