Sunday, September 14, 2008

1 dead in crash near Hwy 101


One person was killed and three injured in a severe highway car crash yesterday on Highway 1, two miles west of Highway 101.
The accident occurred after two cars collided on the highway, resulting in the eventual combustion of one the vehicles.

According to the Santa Barbara County Fire Dept, two Engine Companies and a Battalion Chief responded to the crash at 12:06 p.m. on Sunday as well as a Cal Star medevac helicopter.
The first engine company to arrive on-scene (Lompoc City) reported that two vehicles were involved and one was on fire. They proceeded to extinguish the fire while the arriving County Fire engines assisted the injured victims.
As local authorities arrived, one victim was trapped in the non-burning vehicle and eventually pronounced dead at the scene - the other passenger victim was already out of that vehicle when authorities arrived and was seriously injured.
Two victims that had been in the burning vehicle had been assisted out of that vehicle by bystanders before it began to burn - they were also seriously injured.
The most seriously injured victim was transported by helicopter to Cottage Hospital and the remaining two survivors were transported by ground to Cottage.

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