Monday, September 15, 2008

Spay, Neuter Task Force to convene


The Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors announced it has selected 11 people to serve on a Spay, Neuter Ordinance Task Force that will be charged with drafting language for a local spay and neuter ordinance.
Thirty-one people throughout the county submitted applications and letters of interest to serve on the task force. Each supervisor selected two members for the task force, while Board Chairman Salud Carbajal picked three, including a designated task force chair.

First District appointees include the task force chair Ron Faoro, Shirley Jansen and Elaine Martin. Second District: Heidi Thorson and Lisa Kenyon. Third District: Mikki Capparelli-Lally and Paul McEnroe. Fourth District: Linda Greco and Andy Mills. Fifth District: Tom Freeman and Bonnie Royster.
The Board of Supervisors decided to form a task force to look into such an ordinance at their May 6, 2008 meeting, during which more than 100 people addressed the board during public comment.
Many at the meeting were concerned that forcing residents to spay and neuter their pets would infringe on pet owners’ rights. Others urged the board to adopt a mandatory spay, neuter law to cut down on the number of pets euthanized each year as a result of overcrowded animal shelters.
The task force’s first meeting is scheduled for 5:30 on Wednesday, Sept. 24 at the Public Health Department located at 300 N. San Antonio Rd. in Santa Barbara.
At that meeting, the task force is expected to identify information that is needed in order to reach its goal, plan for tours of animal shelters and schedule additional meetings. The task force should have the ordinance completed by February of next year, according to a county statement announcing the task force.

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