Saturday, October 25, 2008

Murder charge filed in woman's death


A murder charge was filed yesterday in Superior Court against a 24-year-old Santa Barbara man who police say allegedly stabbed a woman he was dating in the neck, an injury that ultimately killed the woman.
Police identified the victim as Lisa Marie Zazueta, 29, of Santa Barbara.
The man police say is responsible for slaying the married mother of two is Garren Musser, 24.

Sgt. Lorenzo Duarte, a police spokesman, said detectives responded to the 1300 block of Kowalski Ave. just after 12:30 a.m. on Thursday to a report of a body in the roadway.
Duarte said it was Musser who called police and was eventually arrested at the police station when he allegedly told detectives he was responsible for the killing.
Musser apparently lived with his parents at 1310 Kowalski Ave., according to nearby residents.
Senior Deputy District Attorney Gordon Auchincloss said Musser was also charged with assaulting the woman with a deadly weapon.
He said Musser will be arraigned on the charges Monday.
While the details of Zazueta and Musser’s relationship remain fuzzy, the victim’s grandmother, Mary Zazueta, told the Daily Sound Thursday the two were not dating.
The grandmother said her granddaughter and Musser met at a downtown bar three weeks ago and the two had seen each other on at least two occasions since.
Due to the early stage in the case, Auchincloss said he had no additional details.


Anonymous said...

My condolences, to her family. People knew her, she worked at the main county clinic, this is really sad.

They better make this guy pay, I know he's of lower intellect, an angry guy. This trial better go quickly, give him the death penalty.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know exactly how one dates a girl in the neck.