Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sheriff's arrest teen for alleged death threats


Sheriff’s detectives arrested a 14-year-old Carpinteria High School student during the weekend after he reportedly threatened to kill fellow students and a teacher, authorities said.
Deputies received a call on Saturday reporting that the ninth-grade student had threatened to bring a handgun to school to shoot five students and one of his teachers, Sheriff’s Department Spokesman Drew Sugars said in a news release.

“The suspect, who is a transfer student from another school district, felt he was picked on by the targeted students and the teacher,” Sugars said. “Detectives were immediately assigned to the case and contacted the suspect and his father at their home in Thousand Oaks.”
Authorities determined the juvenile did not own any firearms, nor did they find any firearms in the home, Sugars said. Nonetheless, he said after interviewing the suspect, detectives determined the threat was credible and took the teenager into custody at approximately 9 p.m. on Saturday.
Sheriff’s officials booked the 14-year-old into juvenile hall on suspicion of making criminal threats, Sugars said, a felony. He noted that the school district and all potential victims have been notified, adding that the suspect remained in custody as of yesterday morning.
Carpinteria Unified School District officials released their own statement through the Sheriff’s Department regarding the incident.
“The student will not be returning to school in the [district],” school officials said. “Carpinteria High School parents are being notified. At this writing, all staff in the district are also being notified.”
School officials noted safety procedures are frequently reviewed and updated. They also urged students to immediately report any threatening statements made by fellow students to school staff or sheriff’s officials.

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